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Information for Russian citizens


Entry into Germany is still possible for citizens of the Russian Federation who hold a valid visa.

Information on the currently valid requirements for issuing a visa can be found at:

https://germania.diplo.de/ru-de/service/05-VisaEinreise/kurzfristigeAufenthalt/-/1600140?openAccordionId=item-2434666-1-panel and https://germania.diplo.de/ru-ru/service/05-VisaEinreise/kurzfristigerAufenthalt/-/1224358

Please note that the German Embassy in Riga is only responsible for visa applications from people who have their legal residence or usual place of residence in Latvia. The Embassy cannot process visa applications from persons who do not meet these criteria. In general, this also applies to persons who have their habitual legal residence or usual place of residence in Belarus, Russia or the Ukraine or who had it at the beginning of the war.

Exceptions only apply to Russian nationals who apply for a visa for a long-term stay - for example to seek employment or to study - and who might face non-reasonable risks when returning to Russia to apply for a visa at the diplomatic mission responsible for them. This could particularly be the case for human rights defenders, journalists, dissidents and conscientious objectors.

According to the so-called principle of territoriality, you cannot hand in an application for asylum abroad, but only in Germany. The Embassy cannot issue entry visas to apply for asylum.

For an efficient processing of applications for family members, whose legal residence or usual place of residence is located in Russia and who wish to apply along with a person applying for a visa for skilled workers, we strongly recommend to book this appointment together with the main applicant via the appointment system of the Embassy in Moscow Book and appointment (https://germania.diplo.de/ru-de/-/2182604). This is currently the fastest possible way to process visas for skilled workers and their family members with Russian nationality.

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